The proof

The proof

The right culture

The proof of our added value is based on 15 years of providing reliable deliveries according to agreements and specifications. And naturally, no one is perfect, but we always make sure we live up to the agreements made. Even if this means that we have to jump in the car ourselves. And it’s not just us saying this, we also hear it from our customers.

The right culture for a successful supplier of new, remarketed and refurbished IT hardware is not made just because you say it now and then or choose it as one of your core values. It only exists after years of investing in at what we think is important in everything we do:

  1. know what you’re talking about;
  2. move quickly;
  3. live up to your agreements.

We can now say that this is anchored in our people and our organization.

Immediate contact, immediate action

XCES is quick to answer questions and follow up with the logistics. We can act quickly because we have built a small and flat organization where everyone takes responsibility and the initiative to act directly.

That’s how we can minimize mistakes or problems in communications. Our organization has no separation of functions and we thus have no complicated transfer moments in our operations. We can immediately act on what we agree to in the email or on the telephone.

And we use this approach for orders of a single option or an entire configuration. All requests are handled with the same dedication because we understand that the IT component, however small or large, is hugely important to the success and efficiency of the IT project or service obligation.

Knowledge and experience that goes further than the standard price list

Our people understand the purchase and sale as well as lease of IT hardware. And this goes further than an office sales function, the standard price list and an inventory system.

We are driven to find the specific solution and we have the knowledge and experience to locate the right item or configuration because we also have insight into the relationship between supplier’s code, spare part number and OEM number.

With our staff, we have built up years of knowledge and experience in the ICT market, specifically in the mid-range and high-end server, network and storage systems. In that specific area lies our speciality.

Premium brands: new and refurbished

The proof is also in the ability to deliver the right brands and product lines. Mainly from stock. Supplemented with extra warranty options, also on refurbished, remarketed and after-warranty products.

If you are also looking for testing and pre-configuration services before the shipment is delivered, we have a fully equipped ESD area and in-house engineers for expert execution. Read more about our services.