DataON Solutions

DataON Solutions

The DataON Difference

DataON is an industry-leading provider of hyper-converged infrastructure and storage systems optimized for Microsoft Windows Server environments. DataON is focused on customers who have made the “Microsoft choice” to implement Microsoft applications, virtualization, data protection and hybrid cloud services. The enterprise-level solutions are delivered as a complete and turnkey solution.

DataON solutions provide the ultimate platform for Windows Server Software Defined (WSSD) hyper-converged infrastructure.

DataON HCI solutions have the highest certification, called; Microsoft Windows Server Software-Defined infrastructure Premium. In addition, DataON is Microsoft Cloud Partner and a Gold Member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance. DataON provided the first Windows Server-certified platform for Microsoft Storage Spaces. The strong relationship with Microsoft reaches back nearly a decade.

Through the latest cloud-inspired innovations and software-defined compute, storage, and networking technology from Microsoft, DataON is helping customers modernize their IT with hybrid cloud platforms.

  • Hyper-Converged
  • Converged
  • Storage Spaces Direct
  • Storage Replica
  • Intel Select Solutions


A hyper-converged infrastructure is one component in which compute and (local storage) are combined. This fully integrated solution makes it possible to link several identical components together to directly increase performance and storage. This scale-as-you-grow approach allows the parent software to manage all components as a whole.

One management layer


Less complex management


Where hyper-converged storage and compute combine in a cluster, this is not the case with converged. The converged implementation is built with the scale-out file server (SoFS) above Storage Spaces Direct. As a result, the storage is linked to the network by means of SMB file shares. Converged makes it possible to scale the compute / workload independently from the storage cluster. This is essential for large-scale implementations such as a Hyper-V infrastructure as a service (Iaas), which is used by Management Service Providers and large organizations.

Storage Spaces Direct

Storage Spaces Direct is a follow-up of Storage Spaces. Storage Spaces Direct virtualizes your storage cluster. The storage pool can be created over multiple systems to generate more speed, easier capacity and higher availability. With Storage Spaces Direct it is possible to carry out read and write activities with all disks in the pool using software RAID. This increases the speed so that a bit of capacity and I / O is used for all disks.

Easy to use

Go from industry-standard servers running Windows Server 2016 to your first Storage Spaces Direct cluster in less than 15 minutes. For deployment of System Center, deployment is just one check box.

Unrivaled performance

Whether flash or hybrid, Storage Spaces Direct easily exceeds 150,000 mixed 4k random IOPS per server with consistent, low latency thanks to hypervisor-embedded architecture, built-in read / write cache and support for advanced NVMe drives mounted directly on the PCIe bus.

Fault tolerance 

Built-in resiliency ensures failures in disks, servers or components with continuous availability. Larger implementations can also be configured for fault tolerance in the chassis and rack. When hardware fails, just replace it; the software heals itself without complicated management steps.

Efficient use of resources

Erasure coding delivers up to 2.4x greater storage efficiency, with unique innovations such as local reconstruction codes and ReFS real-time layers to extend these benefits to hard drives and mixed hot / cold workloads, all with minimal CPU effort to return resources to where they are most needed – the VMs.


Use Storage QoS controls to keep busy VMs in check with minimum and maximum IOPS limits per VM. The Health Service provides continuous built-in monitoring and alerts, and new APIs make it easy to gather rich, cluster-wide performance and capacity measurements.


Go up to 16 servers and more than 400 disks, for a maximum of 1 petabyte (1,000 terabytes) of storage per cluster. To scale, simply add disks or add more servers; Storage Spaces Direct automatically adds and starts using it. Storage efficiency and performance improve predictably on a scale.

Storage Replica

Storage Replica is a Windows Server technology that enables the replication of data between servers or clusters. Examples of situations where Storage Replica can offer a solution; disasters or emergencies. After the replication, data is secured without data loss. This technology has two variants with regard to synchronization, namely; synchronous replication and asynchronous replication. Storage Replica can be managed and configured in Windows Admin Center.



Easy to use

Solution Brief

Intel Select Solutions

DataON and Intel have joined forces to create an Intel Select Solution for Windows Server Software-Defined Storage. The Intel Select Solutions are workload optimized data center solutions that simplify and facilitate the process for selecting and implementing hardware and software suitable for current workloads applications. Intel Select Solution are extensively tested and benchmarked at system-wide level. Microsoft is pleased that Intel and DataON have created a Select Solution with Windows Server Software-Defined Storage. This solution has been validated by both Microsoft and Intel.