DataON S2D-3240i Hyper-Converged Cluster ApplianceWS2016






The S2D-3240i HCCA is an all-flash SSD High Density appliance for Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct. Each 2U configuration consists of 4 internal nodes that all have an individual cache tier and performance tier. The S2D-3240i achieves maximum compute and memory performance. The entire cluster can be expanded to 16 4-node appliances for ultimate scalability of compute, networking and storage.

The out-of-the-box deployment, installation and configuration is completed with the bundled DataON DataONMUST™ software tool.

Appliance Node
2U Rack Mount
(8) Intel® Xeon® E5-2600v4 family (max. TDP 145W up to 14 cores)
Intel® C610
(64) DIMM slots, 2133/2400 MHz DDR4 RDIMM, up to 4.160GB
Storage Drive
(24) 2.5” hot-plug SATA SSD
Expansion Slot
(4×2) NVMe Cache Tier & (4×4) SSD Performance Tier
(6) PCIe 3.0 x8
Dual-port 10GbE RDMA NIC (RoCE/iWARP), up to 40/100GbE
Power & Cooling
(1+1) 1200W hot-plug & Redundant & (6) dual-rotor fans
Microsoft Software Defined Offering       Hyper-Converged Standard
S2D Storage
Appliance Profile All Flash SSD
Scale for Cluster (4) nodes per S2D-3240i appliance, up to 16 4-node appliances
Management DataON™ MUST™