Scale-Out File Server

Scale-Out File Server

Simplicity, Performance and Availability

Do you need a Scale-Out File Server (SoFS) for a Windows Server 2012 R2 environment? We can offer you the tested and certified DataON solutions.

We have two solution options:


All DataON JBOD and Cluster-in-a-Box storage solutions are fully Windows Server 2012 R2 certified and can be combined in different configurations. One may choose capacity, economy, a growth scenario and/or pure performance, depending on the application. All of these are based on both flash (SSD) and Hard disks (HDD).

Software Defined Storage behind your CPU Layer with SoFS

XCES supplies the JBOD-technology behind your CPU layer, whereby you can profit from the advantages of Software Defined Storage:

  1. Storage provisioning & tiering through the hypervisor
  2. Storage enclosures through fast SAS fabric (12 GB/s) connected to the File Server

Based on a Hyper-Converged Turnkey All-In-One Appliance

Are you looking for a complete hyperconverged solution with all the advantages that a Software Defined Storage appliance can offer, such as:

  1. no installation
  2. no integration
  3. readily deployable
  4. very affordable
  5. no risk

Choose then the Cluster-in-a-Box appliances from DataON.

Ready to Go in 20 Minutes

That is the concept and the power of hyperconverged: a clustered server including the storage that is fully certified for Microsoft Storage Spaces. It is software-defined architecture that removes the complexity and expense from the individual and layered management structure of computer power and storage capacity. The software manages everything integrally and leaves ICT departments free to support the changing needs of the business.