Storage Spaces

Storage Spaces

Unprecedented possibilities with Storage Spaces

Storage Spaces enables you to virtualize storage by grouping industry-standard disks into (shared) storage pools,Storage Spaces
to create virtual disks from the available capacity in the storage pools. ‘Storage Spaces’ as it has become known leverages industry-standard certified components and platforms for scale-out file serving (SoFS).

Clustered Storage Spaces Shared

Storage Spaces Shared (S3) continues to enable SMB and remote branch offices (ROBO) and entry point into highly available tiered shared storage with minimal TCO. Building highly available (HA) storage systems for scale-out file servers (SoFS) and local shared storage. For clustered appliances takes steps forward in leveraging improved capacity benefits via Multi-Resilient Virtual Disks.

This further progression allow for a Microsoft-Defined Datacenter (MDDC) to deliver continuous availability with performance-tuned parity capacity implications. Multi-node Cluster-in-a-Box deployments for virtualization were massively boosted with S3.

Storage Spaces Direct

With the introduction of Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) in Windows Server 2016, all storage features are now integrated in a hyperconverged stack. S2D is a distributed file system option for high-availability cluster storage with local storage:


This is a big step forwards in simplifying the deployment and management of software-defined storage. S2D also unlocks use of new classes of disk devices, such as SATA and NVMe disk devices, that were previously not possible with clustered S3 with shared disks: