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IT Products

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Remarketed: as good as new

Remarketed products such as HPE Renew or Cisco Refresh mainly originate from factory overstock, demo centers and channel returns. With these products, you naturally receive the original and complete manufacturer’s warranty and an extended warranty is possible.

HPE Renew

Remarketed products are mainly unused products that have been returned to their complete and original state. The HPE remarketed program (HPE Renew) consists of revised equipment, warehouse overstock and equipment that has been used for product demonstrations. Products that have been returned as a result of damage during transport or a defective part also come back on the market via the HPE remarketed program. Within the program, these products are repaired and returned to their new state. According to HPE, each renovated product is revised and subjected to strict testing before it is sold again.

Refurbished with 1-year exchange warranty

A refurbished product varies from products without the original packaging to used products. These can show some signs of use but are always fully functional.

Refurbished products are not completely revised, like the products in the official remarketed programs. And most often, the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired. But in many situations, these products can offer a very valuable solution. And they also provide the functionality that you expect from the IT component.

That’s why XCES always offers a unique 1-year exchange warranty on refurbished hardware. In most cases, we can also offer customized extended warranties on refurbished hardware.

Existing installations can thus be expanded or components replaced in an easy and affordable way. And the lifetime of the entire installation can be extended with a relatively small investment.

For questions about the possibilities of refurbished products: Call +31 (0)318 559 370, mail or start a chat session at the bottom right of this page.

Immediate insight into availability of spare parts 

You have an acute service obligation and must quickly replace a component according to the SLA conditions. The IT installation may not unnecessarily disrupt business operations due to downtime. XCES can help find the needed spare parts quickly. In practice, we are often able to supply from our inventory. In addition, we have the supply channels and relationships needed to quickly source the part.

Our organization is set up to act quickly

We can act quickly, even for the delivery of spare parts, because we have built a small and flat organization where everyone takes responsibility and the initiative to act directly.

That’s how we minimize mistakes or problems in communications. Our organization has no separation of functions and we also have no complicated transfer moments in our operations. We can immediately act on what we agree to in the email or on the telephone.

A request for spare parts is handled with the same dedication as an entire IT configuration because we understand that the IT component, however small or large, is hugely important to the success and efficiency of the IT project or service obligation.

From supplier’s code to OEM number

Our people understand both the purchase and sale of spare parts. And this goes further than the standard price list and the inventory system. Specifically, we have the insight in the relationship between supplier’s code, spare part number and OEM number.

Looking for a spare replacement part? Call +31 (0)318 559 370, mail or start a chat session at the bottom right of this page.

Extra service and efficiency

As a reseller of new IT hardware you may come across customers who wish to dispose of their old server, network and storage systems. XCES can offer you an advantage by providing new hardware to your customer and, at the same time, offer a solution by taking back the old hardware.

These trade-in agreements can often provide significant savings for both you and your customer!

Cancelled orders

In addition to your customer’s excess hardware, your organization probably has to cope with cancelled orders or opened items that were ordered by mistake and can no longer be returned to the vendor. Whether it’s a single item or a complete warehouse clean-up, XCES can arrange a buyback of your excess hardware. If you send us an overview of available inventory, we can make you a proper offer for trade-in or buyback.

Trade-in for end users

If your company has excess server, network or storage systems and your reseller does not offer a trade-in or buyback service, you can also contact us directly. We look forward to discuss the possibilities of trade-in with you.

Please call +31 (0)318 559 370, send an mail to or start a chat session at the bottom right of the screen.

Erasing confidential data

XCES takes into account sensitive and confidential data on your hardware. As per signed agreement, we assure you of a complete deletion of all data on hard drives. According to the internationally recognized DoD 5220.22-M guidelines, you will be guaranteed the safe erasure and disposal of your excess hardware.

Leasing offers flexibility

In situations where you temporarily need extra IT capacity, leasing is always a good option. Your company can continue operations without having to make an additional investment. IT hardware lease has several advantages: You save time and money, with increased flexibility of your business operations.

There are various situations where leasing can be a good alternative:

Hardware Testing

Purchasing new or replacement hardware is often not a simple choice. You can save a lot of trouble by electing first to test before you make the decision to buy.

Extend End-of-Life installations

You can also expand an existing environment for an even longer period of time with identical hardware and thus significantly extend the lifetime. In this case, too, you can think of leasing IT hardware.

Deferred Delivery

If your project threatens to be delayed because the required hardware is temporarily or even permanently unavailable, you can now have immediate access to the ICT that you need.

Migration Support

In the case of a complex migration path, it is always smart to have extra capacity at hand and leasing is a valuable addition.

Customized lease proposal

XCES will advise and consult with you to determine an optimal solution and we will provide you with an according lease proposal. For more information, please contact us on or call us directly to +31 (0)318 559 370.

In many cases, you can also lease the products that we sell. In addition, you will also find stock, prices and specifications of HPE and NetApp storage products on

If you’re looking for IT hardware from another vendor or another product range, then we will be happy to look at the lease possibilities with you.