Professional warehouse

Our warehouse is located in the same building as our office. It only takes a few steps for us to deal directly with our warehouse manager. With our spacious warehouse, XCES logistics can deliver many items directly from stock. We also maintain service and contract inventories for an increasing number of clients.

Quick delivery and flexibility are key, therefore you can always reach our warehouse during weekdays and all office hours. Apart from that we always explore the possibilities to get your shipment on its way, even after standard cut-off times.

Your shipment packed well

For reliable logistics, we package hard drives and other delicate IT components in foam packaging from FOAMplus®. This impact-resistant, lightweight foam packaging protects your product during transportation and ensures that we also deliver when it comes to logistics. In addition, we use an unbranded black plastic covering with XCES tape for most packages, for a neutral appearance of the package.

Transportation of the shipment

XCES uses UPS (United Parcel Service) for all domestic and abroad transportation of packages. We have very good experiences with UPS, and in addition to the reliable fixed pick-up and delivery times, with UPS we can also offer the flexibility of a later shipment or earlier pick-up. This is due to the fact that their logistics hub is located close to our warehouse. Package transport is properly insured with UPS and is always traceable via a handy Track & Trace system.

For shipment via courier and pallet transport (domestic and abroad, through most of Europe), XCES makes use of Sneltransport Pater Ede BV. Sneltransport Pater can pick up a shipment within a half hour and transport it 24/7. It offers our clients and us much flexibility and performance in the area of logistics.

In addition, the shipment is properly insured and is always safely and securely transported with multiple security straps. Most of all, Sneltransport Pater provides proper drivers who deliver a shipment with care to the desired location.