Remarketed: as good as new

Remarketed products such as HPE Renew or Cisco Refresh mainly originate from factory overstock, demo centers and channel returns. With these products, you naturally receive the original and complete manufacturer’s warranty and an extended warranty is possible.

HPE Renew

Remarketed products are mainly unused products that have been returned to their complete and original state. The HPE remarketed program (HPE Renew) consists of revised equipment, warehouse overstock and equipment that has been used for product demonstrations. Products that have been returned as a result of damage during transport or a defective part also come back on the market via the HPE remarketed program. Within the program, these products are repaired and returned to their new state. According to HPE, each renovated product is revised and subjected to strict testing before it is sold again.

Cisco Refresh

Cisco remarketed products are revised following the strict standards in Cisco’s factory. The remarketed program from Cisco is called: Refresh. The products that return to the market via this program carry the same warranty as new equipment. With Cisco Certified, you have Cisco quality at a lower investment cost and ultimately a reduction in the total cost of ownership.



In addition to remarketed, XCES can supply refurbished products with a 1 year exchange warranty. Read more about refurbished products.