Spare parts

Spare parts

Immediate insight into availability of spare parts

You have an acute service obligation and must quickly replace a component according to the SLA conditions. The IT installation may not unnecessarily disrupt business operations due to downtime. XCES can help find the needed spare parts quickly. In practice, we are often able to supply from our inventory. In addition, we have the supply channels and relationships needed to quickly source the part.

Our organization is set up to act quickly

We can act quickly, even for the delivery of spare parts, because we have built a small and flat organization where everyone takes responsibility and the initiative to act directly.

That’s how we minimize mistakes or problems in communications. Our organization has no separation of functions and we also have no complicated transfer moments in our operations. We can immediately act on what we agree to in the email or on the telephone.

A request for spare parts is handled with the same dedication as an entire IT configuration because we understand that the IT component, however small or large, is hugely important to the success and efficiency of the IT project or service obligation.

From supplier’s code to OEM number

Our people understand both the purchase and sale of spare parts. And this goes further than the standard price list and the inventory system. Specifically, we have the insight in the relationship between supplier’s code, spare part number and OEM number.

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