Extra service and efficiency

As a reseller of new IT hardware you may come across customers who wish to dispose of their old server, network and storage systems. XCES can offer you an advantage by providing new hardware to your customer and, at the same time, offer a solution by taking back the old hardware.

These trade-in agreements can often provide significant savings for both you and your customer!

Cancelled orders

In addition to your customer’s excess hardware, your organization probably has to cope with cancelled orders or opened items that were ordered by mistake and can no longer be returned to the vendor. Whether it’s a single item or a complete warehouse clean-up, XCES can arrange a buyback of your excess hardware. If you send us an overview of available inventory, we can make you a proper offer for trade-in or buyback.

You can also download our Trade-in Application. Please complete the form with product and installation information and mail it to We will immediately handle your request.

Trade-in for end users

If your company has excess server, network or storage systems and your reseller does not offer a trade-in or buyback service, you can also contact us directly. We look forward to discuss the possibilities of trade-in with you.

Please call +31 (0)318 559 370, send an mail to or start a chat session at the bottom right of the screen.

Erasing confidential data

XCES takes into account sensitive and confidential data on your hardware. As per signed agreement, we assure you of a complete deletion of all data on hard drives. According to the internationally recognized DoD 5220.22-M guidelines, you will be guaranteed the safe erasure and disposal of your excess hardware.