Warranty even if the standard manufacturer’s warranty has expired

Good conditions and warranties go along with good service. In the case of new retail or remarketed products, you are entitled to the manufacturer’s guarantee obligations. If it concerns a pre-owned product, then XCES even provides a 6-month exchange warranty.

Complete flexibility in duration, conditions and response times

A new or pre-owned product, an extension or a temporary SLA for an existing installation. XCES can offer you the flexibility in a mix of duration, conditions and response times. So that you are offered the best suitable guarantee for continuity. This can vary from an SLA with 24/7 coverage, 4 hour response time and a duration of 2 months for a temporarily leased installation, for example, to a standard SLA for a new installation with next business day response. And all other imaginable SLA possibilities in between.

New retail

New products have a full manufacturer’s warranty that varies from 1 to 3 years. During this period it is often possible to purchase an extended warranty. You can deal directly with the manufacturer for any warranty question. Of course, we will always assist you with warranty service. However, in many cases the manufacturer is not able to replace the product for you.


Remarketed products such as HP Renew or Cisco Refresh mainly originate from factory overstock, demo centers and channel returns. With these products, you naturally receive the original and full manufacturer’s warranty and an extended warranty is possible.


A refurbished product varies from unused products without the original packaging to used products. These can show some signs of use but are always fully functional. Considering that the original manufacturer’s warranty is often expired, we always offer a unique 1 year exchange warranty on refurbished hardware. In most cases of refurbished hardware, we can offer a customized extended warranty.

Hardware Support Services offers advantages

XCES can offer Hardware Support Services for server, network and storage hardware from HPE, NetApp, DataON and Cisco.

Do you want to guarantee your hardware with extended support during its entire lifetime? Is the warranty period for your existing hardware near its end and do you want to continue this for a certain period of time? An SLA from XCES is possible for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty hardware!

Customers have primarily company-critical hardware of various brands and suppliers, each with its own guarantee period and additional support. With one contact person for all hardware problems, administration is simplified and you maintain oversight. The costs are thus significantly reduced.
At the same time, you are assured of support by a team of experts in the area of IT infrastructure, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.