Support Services

Support Services

Flexible support for all hardware

Organisations demand a flexible life expectancy of their existing IT environments. Extension of the IT lifespan offers many advantages. Your organisation has acquired a great deal of knowledge of your system’s management and the IT environment in the recent years. Our Support Services still provides the desired performance and support for business operations.

Hardware Support Services

With the accompanying risks and investment, there’s no reason to opt for total replacement just because the basic factory warranties and support have expired. Simultaneously, simply ignoring an investment window is not always wise. Continuing flexibility and the freedom to reposition your business operations priorities are the goal.

If new and innovative technologies are desired, XCES can cover existing and older systems as well as the new systems. We offer flexible and affordable Hardware Support Services to safeguard your total investment.

Continuity of existing hardware

A standard extension of the vendor support contract does not always offer sufficient flexibility. It does not adequately allow for possible combinations of new, old and even End-of-Life hardware configurations. The requisite extension becomes very costly, ensuring that you are unnecessarily encouraged to replace the existing environment.

XCES offers affordable support to facilitate extension of your IT lifespan for a certain period of time. Minor, major and critical hardware incidents can be dealt with under either our Silver Services or Gold Services support.

A clear vision
We believe that the life expectancy of existing IT environments can last much longer than the lifespan projected by technology suppliers. Hardware expansion, replacement and support must be available cost-effectively, especially if the standard warranty period has expired. This may also include different or shorter time periods, possibly in a combination of new, old and remarketed hardware.

In the event that system management becomes too complex, organisations must be able to implement a simple, affordable, step-by-step modernisation of their IT environment that anticipates a move to cloud technology.

Specialised in mid-range and high-end server, network and storage systems

XCES is the specialist in the purchase, sale, rental and support of new and remarketed server, network and storage configurations, options and spare parts of important A brands such as HP, NetApp and Cisco.

XCES is also the official distributor of DataON Hyper-Converged appliances: Compute power and storage services in an all-in-one solution. These Microsoft-dedicated and software-defined systems offer high performance, scalability and simplicity in management. DataON solutions are fully Windows Server 2012/2016 certified and made Azure cloud ready in conjunction with Microsoft