Hardware Support Services

Hardware Support Services

DataON hardware warranty

The standard warranty is 2 years based on advance parts replacement. The standard warranty can be extended in duration and in combination with additional warranty services (SLA’s).

Organisations can also combine hardware support services for DataON with their existing hardware and in a mix of new, old and refurbished hardware.

Flexible support

XCES offers flexible and affordable Hardware Support Services to cover minor, major and critical hardware incidents:



Basic Incident Coverage with Silver Services

Emergency Incident Coverage with Gold Services

DataON spare parts directly available

In addition to our European distributorship, XCES is also the DataON partner dealing with DataON’s factory warranties in Europe. On top of that we offer additional support services on DataON systems and therefor we hold sufficient stock of DataON spare parts in our warehouse in Veenendaal.

As a result, XCES customers are not dependent on Logistics challenges from the United States, such as time differences, longer transport times, customs handling challenges, and insufficient direct connectivity with the finite distribution and fast transportation within Europe.


Besides the usual advantages, such as security in support and business continuity, we offer the following advantages:

  • Hardware Support Services, also in case of the DataON hardware is out-of-warranty after the standard 2 years
  • Affordable and flexible by giving organisations the choice of duration, condition and response time
  • Hardware Support services also in combination with existing hardware and in a mix of new, old en refurbished hardware
  • Direct access to one central service portal
  • Availability of DataON spare part stock within European territory


For more information, please contact our servicedesk on +31 (0)318 559 370, send us an email on sales@xces.nl or start a chat below. You can also download the full Service Description.