Extra help needed with projects

Your IT project is going completely according to schedule, but then it seems that a hardware component is hard to find or they are not available under the right conditions to be able to complete projects successfully and profitably. You can’t continue and there is a chance that the project can’t be delivered on time due to this delay. XCES can offer the solution!

On hand or quickly source

Because XCES has, in addition to our own inventory, contacts around the world, we quickly find the products under the right conditions. So you don’t have to adjust your schedule and your project will be delivered on time.

Restore margin for IT project

Perhaps the competition is stiff or extra investment is needed to satisfy the customer. XCES can help by offering projects to restore the profit margin. Often we can substitute important components of a configuration with a new or remarketed product that is better priced. You can thus deliver a profitable project for a satisfied customer.

Deliver to your customer as agreed

The completion date of an IT project is under pressure. Often this can be traced back to just a few components that are difficult to obtain via the regular channels. XCES can offer a solution for these types of projects, where the delivery of the entire configuration is achieved without detracting from the efficiency and the quality of the project. Do you need help with a project? Call +31 (0)318 559 370, mail or start a chat session at the bottom right of this page.

Replacement must always be fast and dependable

Increasingly, ICT suppliers and service providers offer the end user complete, worry-free service, while technology and changes in product catalogues continue. The need for quick delivery of new components, or the replacement of existing components that are no longer available in the regular catalogue, is growing. XCES is the specialist that can offer the necessary delivery dependability in this niche market.

Expansion of existing IT Hardware

Globalization and the internet provide a new dynamic and connect markets where organizations are continuously in flux. Organizations adjust and seize their opportunities to grow, enter new markets and buy new business components. In these situations, there is always the question of whether and how organizations can (temporarily) gwt expansion for their existing IT capacity.

XCES can provide new retail products or, in the case of end-of-life, remarketed products to meet this need.

Expansion of existing IT installations quickly provides extra capacity and performance improvements. This can also be of a temporary character by making use of the lease possibilities.

Questions about expansion of an existing IT installation? Call +31 (0)318 559 370, mail or start a chat session at the bottom right of this page.