Hardware support

Hardware support

Flexible support for all your hardware

SupportXCES offers flexible and affordable Hardware Support Services to cover minor, major and critical hardware incidents:

brochureBasic Incident Coverage with Silver Services

Emergency Incident Coverage with Gold Services

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There is often no need for risky and expensive replacement, just because base warranty and support are no longer applicable. At the same time, it’s not always easy to look beyond the given investment window. You want to stay flexible and be free to allocate your budget where it benefits your companies’ goals.

If you are investing in new and innovative technologies, we can service both existing and new systems at the same time. XCES offers flexible and affordable Hardware Support Services to warrant your total hardware investment.

Continuity for your existing hardware

Organisations want flexibility when it comes to the life cycle of their existing IT environment. Durability has many advantages; In recent years your company has invested in knowledge and people for IT management and your current IT still fits the demands for performance and support towards your business.

Standard support offerings from a vendor are often not flexible enough, especially when they need to be extended. Also, they don’t take into account the combination of new and older, or even End-of-Life, hardware configurations. They are reluctant to keep supporting this equipment and might even encourage you to replace your existing hardware.

Hardware Support Services advantages

Besides the usual advantages, such as security in support and business continuity, we offer the following advantages:

  • Hardware Support Services, especially in case of out-of-warranty
  • Applicable to both new and older or used hardware
  • Affordable and flexible; your choice of duration, condition and response time
  • Direct access to the serviceportal

For more information, please contact our servicedesk on +31 (0)318 559 370, send us an email on sales@xces.nl or start a chat below. You can also download the full Service Description.